Promoting with WeChat Official Account (OA)

Slightly apart from other social media,
WeChat not only have strong social features,
but also the strongest eCommerce capability,
which helps to promote your brands and products intensively.
WeChat is your selling, payments and customer service all-in-one hub.

In WeChat you can

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Information Broadcasting to promote your business

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Build-up your own sales team with your fans using their own friend's circles

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Direct payment using WeChat Micropayment gateway

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Understand Fans' purchasing power and habits

WeChat OA Classification

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  • Characteristic
  • Registration
  • Display
  • Broadcasting Limit
  • Custom Menu
  • Customer Services
  • WeChat Micropayment
  • 9 Advanced API

Subscription Account

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  • Provides a new information spread channel (format) for media and individual
  • All PRC ID holder can register. Click to register
  • Will show at the "Subscription" tab under the "Conversations" screen
  • One Broadcast to subscribers daily
  • No custom menu could be made

Services Account

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  • Provide all necessary business tools to fulfil the neeeds of WeChat platform
  • If not going through WE Mobility, you must owns a China Business Registration
  • Your official account name will be standing alone directly under the "conversation" screen
  • Broadcasts 4 advertising messages to subscribers per month
  • Multi layer menu to redirect to any URL

Weixin VS WeChatWeChat

  • WeiXin and WeChat are partially connected platform
  • China uses WeiXin as WeChat is commonly used internationally
  • WeiXin users do not have access to WeChat Official Accounts
  • However, WeChat users can access all WeiXin and WeChat Official Accounts
  • WeChat users do not have advanced features like WeChat Micropayment
  • International businesses (WeChat) are necessary to open an Official Account in China to allow China access How to register?

Already registered an Official Account. Am I done?

Registering a WeChat Official Account is just the first step. The same as registering a domain name, it is just a shell. Minimal requirement is a template to upload information. To generate your products, and brand awareness of your Official Account, you need similar materials and packages to make the best out of it:


Develop an OA that fully compatible with the 9 advanced API to get the most of WeChat. Brings an outstanding image of your brands or products to impress your potential customers!

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Can you imagine an OA without any fans? in WeChat your fans are the most loyal group to your brand or products, you can even amazingly create multi-level promotions through your Fans network!

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Keep your OA fresh and interesting to your fans. Keeping them updated with information more related to their daily lives.

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Officail Account Registratio

Free registration. A China users accessible Official Account

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OA Verification

Help customers to verify their Official Accounts with Tencent

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OA Development

Wei365 Platform: The exclusive platform contains 300 pre-built template and fully integrated with the 9 Advanced API, your one-stop management of the Official Accounts

Custom Development: Want a more unique look? We provide tailor made WeChat development services

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OA Promotion

OA Promotion: Provide all different O2O promotion packages, promoting in hundreds of "Independent Media" in WeChat to stretch to reach millions of users

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OA Maintenance

Upgrade regularly to guaranteed your Official Account at full force.

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message logo Registration Steps


Click the "Register Now" button and Pay only HKD$100 (~US$12.8) as a pre-registration fee for us to prioritize your request.

Terms and Conditions

Our team will contact you within two working days to further discuss your needs to provide the best services


Customers to provide necessary documents to be submit to Tencent for official processing.


You will be notify with the non verified Official Account name and password in approximate 3-4 weeks if it has been approved.


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