What does WE Mobility focused in?

WE Mobility provide expert service on WeChat promotion and development, our expertise in WeChat and China Mobile internet let us answer all the questions for business runner in Hong Kong and all over the world in enterning the exciting China mobile internet market.

All our products and service are specialized in the fast growing, most popular WeChat open platform. We manage the latest mobile technology to bring customer a solid, sustainable promotion channel.

Actualness is our core value. We instantly convert real-life data into meaningful marketing figure such as reach, impression and conversion rate. Our target is to assist our customer to lower their average acquistition cost of customer.

Why you should choose WE Mobility?

1. You don't have to own a company in China to open a WeChat Official Account. What you need to provide is a Hong Kong BR or formal business registration document in other countries.

2. We open only "China WeChat (Weixin) Account" that is accessible by all Chinese WeChat users, unlike those who open just "Internation Account", which fall behind the "great fire wall".

3. We register WeChat Official Account freely for all of our customers. There is no hidden cost in opening an account.

4. Wei365 WeChat Management Platform allows you to make your WeChat OA up an running in the matters of hours.

5. We are WeChat expert based in Hong Kong, a China owned but yet international city. You will find easy to communicate with us in comparison with the companies in other China cities.

6. We provide packaged service to let you control you budget better. Our promotion packages gaurantee your reach, impression and conversion rate among millions of WeChat users.

What is Wechat Open Platform?

It is a special service provided by WeChat aims to provide communication channels for enterprises, government, celebrities and other organization on the popular WeChat Platform. In this platform you can promote your organization to millions of WeChat users, which make it the most cost-effective promotion channel in China nowadays.

Why you need to open a WeChat Official Account, but not make use of a WeChat personal account?

It has a huge differece. WeChat OA is the representation of your enterprise image. It is also your official channel to communicate your customer. The platform API provided by Tencent is not available for WeChat personal account, and all the messeage transfer is limited to private message or within the "freinds circle". Spamming message in "freinds circle" of a WeChat account is subject to the risk to service blockage.

Why I have to verify my OA?

Firstly, only verified account is eligible to the WeChat API for advanced OA features. Secondly, only certified account could provide confidence to your fans on your coporate brands. At the end of the day, WeChat is still a virtual tool, an officially verified account could largely help your customer to distinguish you from the others, and eventually help you to acquire more loyal fans.

How do we gaurantee you own the opened WeChat OA?

Once opened, we will provide you a user name and password which allow you to login into the official WeChat Open Platform website. You can change your password anytime and once it's provided, you owns your account life long.

Could overseas company open an WeChat Official Account?

Yes. All companies can register through WE Mobility. For overseas companies, you have to provide an official business registration document of your place of register.

How to prevent my OA is being locked by Tencent?

To ensure your account won't be locked, you have to provide valid activities to keep your OA fresh. For example updating page information or releasing nwe product updates. WE Mobility could tailor made an OA strategy who perfectly match your budget and progress to ensure you have enough activities.

What do you need to bear in mind when opening an WeChat OA?

1. Pick the company carefully: There are some companies who claim they are the exclusive provider in opening a WeChat OA, some of them even claim that they are the representative of Tencent but mostly, they are cheating you on that.
2. Ensure the account you opened is an "China WeChat OA" but not an "International OA", which is not accessible by WeChat users in China
3. An WeChat OA is useless if yuo don't make it move. Make sure your service provide can provide you one stop service in development, promotion and maintenance, but not just open an account and walk away. WE Mobility provide free WeChat OA registration service for all our customers.
4. Make sure your service provider can help you to verify your WeChat OA. An unverified WeChat OA is not full featured and CANNOT use the WeChat API.


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