Wei365 Platform Get it up and running in just 3 days One-stop management of your WeChat OA

Wei365 Platform have powerful build-in WeChat features
ensuring to deploy a professional look WeChat OA in 3 days

WeChat Portal Applications

300 pre-built templates

tailoured for 22 different industries

107 WeChat Applications

Magically let your OA stands out from the crowd

Sales Camapign and Mini Game

Brand building sales activities:Golden Eggs, Lottery Scratch, Wheel of Fortune, Discount coupon etc. It guarantees to find your fans go crazy about it.

Fan Statistic Calculation System

Accurate Statistics to give you full transparancy on fans whereabouts.

More WeChat Application

Photo Album

A Picture is worth a thousand words. In WeChat, it worth a million.

LBS Service

A must for O2O services. Bring your customer to your physical store.

Multimedia Slideshow

Promote your brand in an interactive way.

Poll Maker

Set up a poll among your fans and collect the most real feedback.

22 Industries Applications

Real Estate

360° Panorama property viewer


Test drive booking

360° Panorama vehicle viewer



Wedding albums


Online appointment

Online consultation


Online room booking


One click appointment making

Email and SMS notification to merchant

Online Shopping

Professional Online store

WeChat Micropayment integrated

Food & Beverage

Online order taking

Table reservation


WeChat Circle builder

Group Purchase

Create group purchase campaign

Takeaways and delivery

WeChat Micropayment integrated

Flowers, fruits, snacks, etc.


Routes, POI, tickets

WeChat Micropayment integrated

Movies & Shows

From seat selection to payments

Health Care and Beauty

Service booking

Membership system

Civil Services

Service appoinments

News broadcasting channel

Online Shopping Store

A complete eCommerce Solution
Bring your online store to the most popular mobile platform

Product Catalogue

Setup your product description, price, spec.,
quantity and brands.

3 ways to sell your products in WeChat

Create promotional articles, user can buy directly in the article body.

Deliver your article through different channels in WeChat

Direct Sales

Customer attracted by the articles and buy directly with a single click.

Create an attractive articles with visuals (for single item only).

Select promotion mode

Viral Promotion

Share to fans and their circle, let your item get viral among users' network.

Pick a shopping cart template

Add items and their information as if any other online shop engine.

Shopping Cart

Publish your shopping cart in the custom menu of your WeChat OA

WeChat Online Stores

Wei365Backend Admin

One-stop management of your WeChat OA

Fans analytics, strengthen your promotional effect.


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